Prosperity of the Humankind

Besides our business commitment, let's us also diligently and generously strive for the prosperity of our kind.

"Strive with all your hearts, raise up your voices and shout, until this dark world be filled with light."

- The Master


About Us

Global Fortune Catalyst, registered in Malaysia since 2004, has been in the international sourcing for, and providing investment opportunities and wealth and health management to international clients.

  1. We provide full service in Option Trading for investors who seek good ROI.
  2. We invite peoples who seek health improvement and financial success to be part of our nuskin worldwide family enterprise.
  3. We seek SBLC providers & Lessee for Leased SBLC - Collateral Transfer.
  4. Trade Financing (LC,SBLC,DLC,PB,POF)
  5. Wealth/Fund Management.
  6. All types of heavy vehicles (trucks, tractors and semi-trailers) from Sinotrukmart.
  7. We export Palm Oil products from Malaysia - Palm Olein and Crude Palm Oil
  8. Sales of Diesel, Gasoline, Jet Fuel and Kerosene - Direct from the Refinery in China
  9. Property & Real Estate
  10. Project Funding
  11. Currency and Bonds
  12. Blockchain Investment
  13. Bitcoin Sales and Purchase

Trustworthiness and commitment are the foundation of our business wealth. Our generous mentality is to prosper who ever be our business partner, associate and client. Our trustworthiness is our asset and wealth.