Money makes money by Options Trading

Whether the Stock Markets move up or down, it makes no difference in Options Trading because you buy CALL when the trend is bullish and buy PUT when it's bearish.

Options derivative market is a money bank for those who have the skills to withdraw the money by mean of "OPTION ATM CARD". This is instant cash - unlimited - waiting to be withdrawn. This is a fact, not dream. There are many requisites of skills, experiences, intelligence,swift decision making, optimum foresight over market sentiments, over velocity of momentum as reflected by the charting; and a deep knowledge of the character of the traded derivative and speed of Buy-Sell counter transaction for the said derivative (per contract) are inevitable for a winning trade. With these winning knowledge and skills, risks are avoided so that winning chances are maximized.

The ultimate winning factors are:

1. More than sufficient capital in the trading account.2. Volume of Contract per entry: whether buy CALL or PUT.3. Don't be greedy: Take profit when there is profit (net). 

This is a solid way to make money. A capital of $100k and above. If you are not rich enough, don't try. With a skilled and proven hand, an attractive ROI is achievable. This is proven: There are many traders who are successful, earning very good incomes for themselves and for their clients/investors.As the investor, you don't need to have all the skills because your Trader is doing the trading for you: It's your money makes money for you!