Property Investment

Property Investment Consultancy

Sterling Property Portfolio, United Kingdom, provides innovative  approach to long term property investing, whose aim is to deliver value for her partners while expanding the assets base across a range of property sector

Identify high yielding properties with focus on increase capital growth  
Purchase properties at competitive price and to add extra value from day one. 
Maximize long term rental income for the investors/purchasers

Sterling Property Portfolio has the heart for investors' needs such as good investment return within a short time span through "buy-to-let" properties, less the investors' hands-on attention and time to care for the property.
The strategy is to spread out the investors' investment into diverse but selected properties which will generate higher yields in the UK. The collective rental revenue are then distributed among the investors over 5 years.

Sterling Property Portfolio 
 Registered Address

1 Mayfair Place, Level 1 Devonshire House, London, United Kingdom

Minimum Investment: £50,000
Interest Rate Per Anum: 8%
Quarterly Dividend: 2%
Interest Payment Dates: March 31st. June 30th, September 30th & December 31st
Investment Term: 5 years
Currency Accepted: GBP/USD/AED
Security Trustee: More Group Capital Services Limited
Investor Security: First charge over 100% of property holding company shares
Income Protection: Landlord Rental Guarantee Insurance on every property 

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