Pi Network


The future of World Digital currency:

Mining digital currency on your phone has always been battery depleting and not cost effective, however that has now changed with the launch of the Pi Network, FREE mining software for mobile phone!

Created by a group of Stanford University Ph.D. students, Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis, his revolutionary new cryptocurrency is set to become one of the most popular in the world, and YES! It could make YOU rich!

The Pi Network minting crypto/digital coins with phone using no battery power or data and only requires an internet connection to mint. (Minting means to make new coins). Users are encouraged to refer their friends and family to the program to earn more over time and the program recently hit over 45 Millions registered members who are called PIONEER

SIGN UP here: gfc199

1. Install the Pi Apps from Google Play Store

2. Open Apps to sign up.

 First Name: Your REAL name as in your ID Card or Passport; 

Last Name: Your REAL name as in your ID Card or Passport; 

USUAL name: Nick name; 

USER NAME: any name (will be your Referral Code for networking).

4. Key in your referral code: gfc199

5. Submit.

6. Verify your Account via Hand Phone or Facebook Account.

7. Open Apps to start mining (minting Pi coins)


Pi Network World Pi Pioneer Community's GCV 1 Pi = US$314,159.00 

Pi Value Converter

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